Bluenose Sloop

Length, overall
23′ 5″

Length, waterline
16′ 0″

6′ 3″

2′ 4″

3′ 8″

2,050 lbs

Height of mast
28′ 9″ (above deck)

Length of boom
12′ 4″

Sail area
218 sq. ft.

This pretty little boat was designed by schooner ‘Bluenose’ architect W.J. Roué in 1948 as a daysailer for ‘Bluenose’ enthusiasts.

The vessel gained instant popularity and in the last six decades has seen countless sailors enjoy it at ports throughout North America. Hundreds have been built to the design – both in wood and fiberglass.

Snyder’s is the first commercial shipbuilder authorized to build these vessels since 1972. Quality workmanship and materials are used throughout.

Watch us build a Bluenose Class Sloop, from start to finish. (this vessel is for sale; please call Wade Croft at 902-543-8323 for more information).